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This beautiful 7 chakra bracelet is made with black onyx beads, two ornate silver spacers and a selection of semi-precious beads representing the 7 chakras.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or vortex, and the Chakras are energy centers in our body which energy flows through. Each chakra is associated to a certain colour, reflected by the gemstones in the bracelet. A brief description of the stones, chakras, and their energy focus is below:

1 – Garnet – Root / Base Chakra (Red): Stability, grounding, security
2 – Carnelian – Sacral Chakra (Orange): Creativity, healing, desire
3 – Citrine – Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow): Intellect, Ambition, self-confidence
4 – Rose Quartz – Heart Chakra (Pink): Emotional balance, Compassion, love
5 – Aquamarine – Throat Chakra (Blue): Communication, self-expression
6 – Lapis Lazuli – Third Eye Chakra (Indigo): Intuition, spiritual awareness, psychic power
7 – Amethyst – Crown Chakra (Violet): Enlightenment, Cosmic consciousness

Please select size required with your order, simply measure your wrist with a measuring tape or wrap a piece of string around your wrist and measure the string. I add on a small amount to allow for the size of beads so this can be made to fit you perfectly.

Each item is made in London with love, sent to you in Organza gift bag.

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